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Abbreviated Name ENSYGLOGE
ISSN 2583-1011
Aim and Scope Ensygloge aims at establishing a free platform for exchanging ideas and thereby promote research aptitude among the youngsters. It will enable Researchers and Scientists to publish their research works free of cost. ENSYGLOGE is an open access International E-Journal for arts and science for promoting studies and reflections in the fields of Arts, Literature, and Science. We accept studies on Science Fiction also. Its motto is “Essence Seeking Understanding”. The name of the journal is the acronym “Enabling New Scholars and the Young Generation to Learn, Observe, and Generate ignited minds through Education.” Its primary focus is to equip the students and researchers to bring out quality academic papers in literature and thereby develop a research aptitude. This journal is open access and it welcomes research academic articles. Since it is a free platform both readers and scholars can access it at free of cost. This online journal publishes Two issues per year (Issue 1: January- June and Issue 2:July- December)
Author Instructions https://www.ensygloge.com/authorinstructions
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